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You’ve never tried salsa like this,come explore…


The Revolution of Salsa...

We started with Avoh Salsa: the all-natural, healthy salsa with a unique twist of diced avocado in every jar, creating a robust and exciting flavor

Avoh Foods was manifested from the energy of you.

We focus on one thing and do it right.

We strive to innovate.  We are conscious.

            Gluten Free              Low Sodium

Gluten Free

Low Sodium


No hydrolyzed wheat gluten

No distilled white vinegar

No added preservatives


Fresh-from-the-farm Flavor!


We believe in the science of food and taking the time to experiment with natural ingredients that produce the same results that added gluten and preservatives do!


Avoh Salsa was created with a desire to connect with our ancestors and the heart they've left in every one of us. I want to share something valuable with my fellow human beings as we walk, create, and share this earth together.


From my ancestors to yours, Enjoy!

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The tomatillo salsa made an incredible sauce for the sweet potato tacos my girlfriend made!
— facebook user review 2018
Best salsa ever! I buy it every time I see it and I guarantee it will be the best thing that you ever put in your mouth.
— facebook user review 2018