The Avoh Story

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Vibrant, Distinctive,Fresh



Avoh Foods is an innovative food line that pays attention to evolving taste buds and creates unique flavor combinations.

In an already saturated market, we are the snack that makes a statement.  We are innovation meets heart and soul.  We are the “we made it despite” generation. The revolution of salsa. The elevated snack experience...  We are the young innovators creating a world full of products with integrity, creativity, and endurance.  The ones reading in between the lines and finding the Ah ha!  Never giving up to find the healthier, integrity driven solutions while going against the grain.   



Where it all began...

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Vibrant, Robust, Distinctive



As a child raised by her grandmother, founder Shannon Montour quickly learned the importance of quality, especially when it came to food. With her hands in the soil tending to the garden of an array of vegetables, she grew a passion for creating unique recipes with food directly from the earth. 

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Relish in Richness…



Early mornings and hard work were instilled in her from a young age.  “I don’t care what you do, be the best at it” was a reoccurring voice throughout her life.  Her passion for food and creativity brought about the creation of Avoh Salsa!  


"My hope is to give something of value to my fellow human beings as we walk, create, and share this earth together.  From my family to yours, we hope this time-honored recipe helps nourish and inspire you to eat and live well!"